Erate Services
Helping clients get the funding they need – Helping students achieve their potential!


Full-Service Package                                                                                                                                         

Our full-service package is designed to take the client through the entire E-rate process each Funding Year. This is our most comprehensive level of service. It includes:

  • Determining your school/library's eligibility
  • Processing of ALL required forms
  • Calculating the applicable discount level
  • Advising on RFPs and contract compliance requirements
  • Coordinating with USAC, PIA, and service providers as needed
  • Managing timely submission of program applications
  • Tracking of all funding decisions and reimbursement activities
  • Assisting with appeals and audits
  • Monitoring Category2 budgets
  • Overseeing the overall administration of the E-rate Program (in cooperation with the client's staff)

Our fees are based on the amount of funding you receive.

E-rate Review                                                                                                                                                     

Already using E-rate, but not sure if you're doing it right? Are you getting the funding you deserve? Let us give you a second opinion on your existing applications, procedures, policies, and processes to make sure that your school/library is getting the most from the program. Call us for pricing.

Special Projects                                                                                                                                                 

If you don't need our full-service program, we can work with you to address individual or special requests. Our fees will vary depending on such factors as type of service needed, length of project, complexity of the assignment, etc. Call us with your specific requirements.